In MacBoo and The Monster of Scab Hill, MacBoo is a student at the Lonely Dell Ghost Academy. During his first year he's had fun learning how to speak to animals and birds, but unfortunately he hasn't shown quite the same enthusiasm for other ghost subjects like gliding, becoming invisible and shapeshifting. When he fails his tests, the headmaster sends him away to Scab Hill Castle to practise his ghostly skills. He has seven days to practise and return to the Academy to take his tests again. If he fails a second time, he will face a bleak future. When MacBoo arrives at the castle he has a set of unpleasant surprises. First of all, he finds that he must share the castle with three other noisy and demanding creatures. How can he hope to concentrate on practising with such annoying companions? Then things get much worse. The castle is home to a fearsome monster who has been disturbed by the noise and threatens them. The four become allies as they make a bold plan to beat the monster. MacBoo now has to develop his skills to help defeat the monster. But can he succeed quickly enough and can he risk delaying his return to the Academy? MacBoo tries harder than ever before at being invisible and shape-shifting. It proves very difficult and it doesn't work out quite in the way he hoped. However, despite several problems, MacBoo carries out two daring rescues and eventually defeats the monster. He returns to the Academy triumphant.

MacBoo and the Monster of Scab Hill is a children's novel. As MacBoo overcomes the difficulties he faces growing up in this magical world, children between the age of seven to nine should be able to enjoy and relate to the key themes.

Author Jean McIntosh and Illustrated by Virginia Phillips To buy a copy go to Amazon